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Oriented Italia is focused on international marketing and business development, specialized in two main fields:

- Supporting foreign companies to develop their business in Italy
Like all world markets Italy requires knowledge and correct approaches. There are many differences between the northern, central & south regions: culture, infrastructures, manufacturing facilities, incentives to develop new business, approach to the business, consumer attitudes. Oriented Italia offers local knowledge and assistance in order to provide tailored solutions to help companies succeed in Italy through marketing activities including new product and business development, market strategy, partner research, brand development, marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch, trade show support services & other events. 

- Supporting Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in view to create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets.
The internationalization project of Oriented Italia allows Italian companies to create new and long-lasting business relationships with foreign partners. The project is structured in a modular way linking foreign buyers with Italian companies working with excellence. We always look for opportunities, especially in Asia, in order to make Italian companies international.